Competitive Advantages of siOPTICA

  • Short Time to market for our clients thanks to siOPTICA R&D
  • Innovative feature to increase OEM’s margins and market share
  • Specifically targeting growing market segments
  • Serving existing demands of clients with novel, innovative & unparalleled products
  • Flexible and Outsourced production
  • 20 patent filings and still counting
  • High production yield possible
  • PCI 4.x certify-able (required for Payment Terminals)




Our Display Solutions

Switchable Privacy for Automotive
Switchable Privacy for Automotive

Over the years the internet has already gained an increasing influence in the automotive industry. By 2020, 3 in 4 cars will be equipped with an internet connection and the car of the future will be a connected car. This opens new business models in the automotive industry packaging multiple connected services-including entertainment services for passengers and co-drivers.

However, by regulation, in various regions worldwide, the driver must not be distracted from driving by entertainment contents on the dashboard display(s).

Here siOPTICA offers an ultimate solution for the automotive industry. With sioSHIELD, it is possible to switch between privacy and public mode.

Navigation and other car relevant information will be displayed in public mode, visible to driver and passenger. If entertainment is displayed, the privacy mode will allow only the passenger(s) to view contents.

The privacy visible spot of the siOPTICA solution can be tilted according to automotive design needs.

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Switchable Privacy for Laptops and desktop monitors
Switchable Privacy for Laptops and desktop monitors

“Shoulder surfing" is a huge issue in private and professional scenarios. Today, 88% of all visual hacks are successful and 70% of those hacks went unnoticed*.

siOPTICA solves that huge problem:

Our built-in-privacy on demand technology is suitable for laptops / Notebooks, Tablet PCs and Smart Phones as well as for desktop monitors. When active, the Privacy Mode protects users from unwanted views - shoulder surfing is not possible any longer. However, the Non-Privacy Mode allows viewing from any angle, so you can share your contents whenever you want.


*According to a Study by ASPM, Feb 2016

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Switchable Privacy for ATM and POS
Switchable Privacy for ATM and POS

Today it is more and more vital for payment devices such as ATM machines, payment terminals and cash registers to have a higher level of privacy to prevent new skimming techniques.

At the same time the display should not be darkened by any privacy filter to allow advertising to be shown on the screen

siOPTICA sioSHIELD provides all LCD based ATMs and other Payment terminals with a high level of security. In privacy mode shoulder surfing becomes impossible and skimming cameras are blocked. In public mode the display is not darkened and shows full resolution and colour.

Apart from this sioSHIELD allows direct and secure pin-entry on the touch display. In some cases, the mechanical pin pad no longer may be needed.

Verification by Brightsight lab concluded that a display with siOPTICA switchable privacy technology being in shielding (privacy) mode showed compliance with the shielding angle requirements of DTR A8 of the PCI PTS POI security requirements, version 4.1.b.

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Switchable Privacy for other industries
Switchable Privacy for other industries

There are many more industrial and consumer applications, in which our display privacy-on-demand solutions bring great benefits.

 These include, inter alia:

  • E-learning and e-testing devices (to avoid cheating)
  • Facility/Room access with PIN entry (to avoid door code skimming)
  • Tablet devices used for inventory checks (to avoid information leakage)
  • Hidden price calculations for sales people in front of their clients

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